Teaching to the Brain


Teaching to the Brain:

Brain Development Principles for the Early Childhood Classroom

5 hours

We’ve all heard of teaching to the test, and we all know that this strategy has no long-term success for children’s learning. Instead, I suggest “teaching to the brain”….using what we know about how the brain develops to influence what we do in our classrooms. During the first five years of life, the brain develops at a rapid speed. Although the brain can be trained to memorize pieces of information, true learning and understanding comes from experiences that are tailored to the way the brain develops during these important years. In this session, we will explore the developing brain in connection with planning appropriate environments and experiences for young children that maximize the foundation for later learning. Geared towards anyone who works with children of any age.

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In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Brain Based Teaching Strategies
    • Relationships as the Foundation to Brain Development
    • Communication Builds Connection
    • Promoting Curiosity & Creativity
    • The Importance of Play
    • Enhancing Executive Function Skills
    • Stress & the Brain
    • Final Strategies

You’ll hear from leading experts in the field as you hear the theory behind the practice as well as explore concrete strategies for your classroom.

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